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Title: Trying to identify an old very popular mod related to Havoc, but with more...
Post by: soapiper on November 07, 2015, 03:26:06 PM
Hello Old School Tribes Community!!!!

Some of us exist, it's crazy...I've downloaded tribes again and gotten it running successfully!  After having spent an evening playing Tribes:Ascension I had to see if I could find a Starsiege:Tribes server, and low and behold there are still some out there.  But I need help...

I am looking for a particular mod to set up a server to run with a bunch of old college buddies--now that we're all 30ish and married:)--and there is few servers up and running these days.

Let's call this old mysterious mod I'm looking for "ModX" because I don't know its name, but it's something I used to play on all the time as a teen and even into college. It supported a lot of players, maybe 32 or 64 per server.  And I remember that there was always 10+ full servers running this mod in the hayday.  I've recently tried renegade, annihilation, havoc, and most of the popular ones I can find.  I think it's gonna take ModX's creator coming across this post to answer my question...;(

ModX was more similar to Havoc than other mods i've tried in the past few days, but there was more content in ModX.  For instance, ModX allowed you to deploy backup generators that powered objects within a certain distance (great for placing in a secluded corner of your base and then covering in a couple blast doors to infuriate gen-rapers). 

Also, there was a single deployable item an engineer could place and it became a decent sized octagonal base (blast floor and ceiling surrounded by 7 force fields (one-side of octagon open as door) with a full size inventory station and power generator).  But it was super heavy to carry and a player easily got killed carrying it out across the map. 

ModX had blast walls and mostly the same turrets and armors found in the Havoc mod, but the hounddog sensor (paints green laser on enemy) did not exist in ModX as I remember.  But there were also more types of doors and deployable floors and force fields.  You could deploy an air landing pad where you could buy flying ships.  I think certain larger turrets had to be placed near portable generators to work if too far from your main base's generators, or the deployable turret or sensor was small and self powered.  ModX also had a large list of new maps that even added air bases above classic maps, seemed to make some classic maps larger, and made other tweaks like allowing more than one person to use an inventory station. 

ModX made skiing easier, or maybe it just make gravity less strong (thus more skiing and flying) than Havoc, but still balanced among the weight classes.  Notably like Havoc it allowed a deployable missile station that permitted manual control via nose cam of a large nuke, napalm, or poison gas  missile.  But there was also a juggernaut class armor that could carry a weapon that would launch a nuke like it was a heavy mortar round.  And ModX also had the dual shoulder mounted missiles for a heavy class like in havoc as well.  I think there was a cap for the number of each kind of turret that could be placed, but I remember that forcefields could be placed in multitudes, and I think all were destructible by your own teammates, and I think all were ones that teammates could walk through like doors.

Mod X was balanced in that bases could truly be defended, making fun to siege with 4 heavies and a pilot flying around dropping mortars from on high to level an enemy base, or as a sneak cloaking in, destroying enemy generators, and teleporting out when discovered.  You could build forward operating bases and even reasonably defend those if well placed and moderately hidden or turreted--it was truly awesome.

As you can tell i keep referring to Havoc as the example, but the Havoc mod version I can find is 1.5.9c, and a pale cousin of ModX which i am describing. 

If I can later think of anything else that uniquely would identify this mod I'll post again. 

Thanks in advance for any help you folks can provide!!


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Wow, I can't believe that within an hour of searching I was able to find it!!!!!!  Turns out that ModX is Shifter!!!  By far, this was the best tribes mod...just my two cents....

Anyone regular shifter players out there?!?!
Title: Re: Trying to identify an old very popular mod related to Havoc, but with more...
Post by: [SWAT] SSTL on January 28, 2017, 08:24:21 PM
I recall this one too.  Good fun as an alternative mod.  The more I read the more I realise I must get round to reinstalling the game!
Title: Re: Trying to identify an old very popular mod related to Havoc, but with more...
Post by: Saitan on May 15, 2017, 03:34:50 PM
Shifter was the best!  I'm sure I have the mod on an old drive somewhere.