Author Topic: How to Install Tribes From The CD & Patch It to v1.11 For Online Play  (Read 1260 times)

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Method #1 - Installing from CD

I took my original tribes v1.0 retail CD and installed it onto windows XP. (It's released in 1998, so long ago that the CD says it's for win95, win98 and NT)

Version 1.0 was designed and optimized for 3dfx cards and glide. On current hardware it only supports software mode out of the box. So I needed to put it into windowed mode in order to take a screenshot.

I then downloaded the tribes 1.0 to 1.11 patch to my desktop to load up the game. (1.11 is the newest and most up to date version official release by Sierra). After running the patch I got the following prompt:

That's not the most intuitive message, but I remembered from back in the day that what this means is you have to copy the patch to the root of your Tribes install dir and run it from there. It also outlines this is in readme1105.txt and readme111.txt. (which you can't see until after it goes through the installation...go figure)

When the patch runs smoothly it's supposed to fix all the cheats, etc. Here's the patch notes.

Congratulations, you now have the most official up to date (by Sierra/Dynamix) tribes 1.11 installation without any client side modifications but also without cheat protection. This is as default and basic as an installation can get.

For the next steps, please continue on to my post about installing the  community maintained cheat prevention patches titled "last hope" which are listed v1.30+ which allow you to play backward compatible with v1.11 servers.

There's a number of locations on the internet that have the full version of tribes for download already patched for 1.11. (including downloads) However these aren't official Sierra releases and there's no way to be 100% sure that the files contained in those releases haven't been altered or modified. You'll need to follow the instructions above to be sure that the default configuration hasn't been tampered with. (default maps, configs, scripts, etc)
For the next steps, please continue on to the next section for community updated cheat prevention patches & enhancements.

Unrelated Notes of Interest:

One thing I noticed when I compared the full default install from CD vs Sierras online download (other than the fileplanet extras) is that Sierras online downloadable version comes with these extra files:


I'm not sure what they're for but you get them with the free version but not if you purchased Tribes and patch from 1.0 to 1.11.


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