Author Topic: How To Install Tribes From Sierras Free Download & Patch It to v1.11 For Online Play  (Read 3617 times)

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Method #2 - Alternative Method if you didn't purchase the CD
 An alternative method to get the barebone defaults is to download the full tribes game for free directly from Sierra.

The free installer only brings tribes up to version 1.8. (see bottom right of screen) It doesn't support opengl either. Version 1.8 was designed and optimized for 3dfx cards and glide. On current hardware it only supports "software video mode" which is ugly to say the least. I needed to put it into windowed mode in order to take this screenshot. You'll want to be patched to version 1.11 at least to support opengl and look good on your computer.

The free Tribes download from Sierra is version 1.8 of tribes. Sierras free version 1.8 installer will attempt to get you to sign up on fileplanet and to download the 1.8 to 1.11 patch from fileplanet. You can ignore those prompts and just download the 1.8 to 1.11 patch from here after you do the full install since it's directly from Sierra's FTP. (with no registration required) Here's the complete list of patches available.
After I downloaded the patch to my desktop and launched it, I got the following error:
That's not the most intuitive message, but I remembered from back in the day that what this means is you have to copy the patch to the root of your Tribes install dir and run it from there. My install was G:\Tribes but the Default is C:\Dynamix\Tribes. Copy the patch to that folder and run it from tehre.
When the 1.8 to 1.11 patch runs smoothly it's supposed to fix all the cheats, etc. Here's the patch notes.

Congratulations, you now I have the most official up to date (by Sierra/Dynamix) tribes 1.11 installation without any client side modifications but also without cheat protection. This is as default and basic as an installation can get.

There's a number of locations on the internet that have the full version of tribes for download already patched for 1.11. (including downloads) However these aren't official Sierra releases and there's no way to be 100% sure that the files contained in those releases haven't been altered or modified. You'll need to follow the instructions above to be sure that the default configuration hasn't been tampered with. (default maps, configs, scripts, etc)
For the next steps, please continue on to the next section for community updated cheat prevention patches & enhancements.


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How To Install Tribes From Sierras Free Download & Patch It For Online Play
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2007, 04:26:52 PM »
we have a patched version with map packs (you're going to have to download them anyway) in our files section,

it's EXACTLY what you describe here, without the need for anything, and it is not modified.
Nor is TribesProject for that matter.

you should update your tutorial with this info. ;)

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How To Install Tribes From Sierras Free Download & Patch It For Online Play
« Reply #2 on: January 19, 2007, 04:33:04 PM »
Thanks for the info. I'd like to keep this tutorial for instructions though specifically for someone can be 100% sure they're just running Sierra/Dynamix released default configurations with no additional maps, addons, scripts, or modified configs.

Suggestions and links are welcome in the comments. For example here's a nicely modified release of tribes:


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I haven't downloaded the 1.8 version but I downloaded your guys's 1.11 full game version, the one with the 4 or 5 stars next to it.  I can't get on to the internet to access existing servers.  Do I need to download the 1.8 version.  Please pm me on this matter.


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