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Armors is the term to describe what classification of infantry you'll be.  In Tribes base there's 3 armors while in other mods, like Renegades, there's 8.

This article will cover the classifications in Renegades
The Armors in Renegades are:
Scout, Sniper, Spy, Mercenary, Alien, Engineer, Burster and Cyborg.

Each classification has different attributes which generally make it more suited towards one role than another.  Mercenary is generally the armor you start with and you must use an inv station if you want to change your classification.  However if Weapons Factory is enabled on a server than you may choose any of the 8 armors to start in without the need to visit an inventory station.

Lights carry the least number of weapons and have the least amount of health but at the same time they can move the fastest and have the most energy, allowing them to be much more manueverable.  Lights are also the only armors that can pilot a vehicle.  The light armors consist of Scout, Sniper and Spy.

Medium armors can carry a couple more weapons than lights and have a bit more health but are heavier and slower.  The medium armors consist of Mercenary, Alien and Engineer.

Heavy armors carry the most amount of weapons, including the mortar, which is exclusive to this armor classification.  Because of their size and ability to take heavy damage they are also the slowest, heaviest armor, making them somewhat of an easier target than the others.  However this is offset by their ability to inflict large amounts of damage and destruction in a short amount of time.  The heavy armors consist of Burster and Cyborg.


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