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Quote from: HardDrive;300947
you can make enemy indicators appear through walls, across long distances etc by changing things serverside.

Legions is like that. The flag carrier is always seen, and the enemy who last shot you is shown on the screen, through hills / walls but the indicator disappears very quickly so it's a now or never see their indicator kinda thing.
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who the hell is acides?


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i use happymod in womens locker room at the gym
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Quote from: Driller;300296
Yes I am alive....The developers are trying to make the new tribes able to block happy mod btw. I will keep you posted.

those fucks need to worry about fixing all of the nonregs before they worry about HM.


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stop using HM and their will be fewer NRs :p Sup Eternal... You ever talk with Erno anymore?

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todd right? yea man i talk to erno here and there, hes doing well, still not married  like ockie, lol. hes too busy for us now adays :-(
randy was my name btw.

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think hm has anything to do with it? i know it may not help it but.... hmmm


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forwardpredict has always increased my nr's greatly.


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i don't understand what logic could be used to support that hm could increase nr's. maybe if you were on the oldest pos computer ever, it could possibly increase video lag and by extension more nr's? but really, it doesn't. forward predict obviously would.


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I would imagine it's the combination of the ancient netcode and the ancient engine more than anything. Most NR's happen in scenarios the dev's could have never foreseen. With that in mind, everything and nothing could really have the same effect on whether or not you end up getting NR's. There are also obvious NR's and illogical NR's. You can NR through forcefields and flags, through some walls at high speeds, these are not as apparent as an NR when you aren't using interpolate and are using forward predict and disc someone from an awkward angle. There are also plenty of disc NR's that I am certain would be NR's no matter what because I would speculate it's more a function of the player speed than the ability of the person shooting to be accurate.

Keep in mind that very few engines are perfect for these sorts of multiplayer experiences anyway. Almost every MMO out there has issues with resolving simultaneous actions. Most FPS engines are adequate, although some have some pretty amazing failings. But we're talking about a game from 1998 that was last updated in 2001 here with a much more practically difficult issue of Fluid Z-axis movement that very few other games have had to deal with.


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pile driver  what do u do for a living ?
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