Author Topic: How and when did you discover Tribes?  (Read 1889 times)

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How and when did you discover Tribes?
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It had to have been in and around 1998 when it was first released. I'd just gotten my first PC. It was an absolute monster of a machine. Top of the line all the way: Pentium 2, 400mhz, 128mb of ram, 20gb HD, zip drive!, dvd drive, and an ethernet port (even though DSL wasn't even available in my area at the time)! At the time the first online shooter I came across was Rainbow Six... then Counter-Strike. Then, a friend of mine told me he found a game better than CS. He gave me a burnt CD with it to try it out and that was that. Tribes became my favorite game and is still in my top 5 to this day.


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