Author Topic: "The only people who willingly swallow a disgusting liquid and then say “oh yeah!”  (Read 926 times)

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afterwards are drunk people and porn stars.  And both usually have a high percentage of ending their night with something stuck in their asshole."

Quote from: whakka;216651
we already have plenty of idiots, faggots, gangsters, people who cant use their spell check, ex-convicts, drunks, smokers, gun toting hard asses, and old school tribes players. thanks anyways, though. go shoot an innocent bystander, you fuckin moron.


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that worked


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haha look at the people's responses. looks like the alkies are po'd


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Quote from: Sunfire;293462
haha look at the people's responses. looks like the alkies are po'd

lmao, the comments made it A+
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I take 15 yr old Cambodian chicks for my Erectile Dysfunction...


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