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« on: June 26, 2018, 09:41:38 AM »
I'm going to post these in this forum too cuz this ones specific to Starsiege Tribes

- {D3RP}_Ozzie   

My Tribes 1 Youtube Channel

Tribes 1 Annihilation Forum

In Browser Master Server Query

Tribes HDv2 Download

Tribes Annihilation Discord

D3RP Clan Twitter

Even more links from BlackSheep!

I think that this will be useful for the community, since a lot of us are scattered and in different forums... I think that we should make an official list of community websites that everybody can reference from. We can continue adding to this list and hopefully one of the admins here will sticky this topic so that it stays.

+++ - Official Revive Tribes Site - Facebook Community for Tribes**

Community & Clan Websites: - Official Master Server Website - Annihilation Mod Official Website - Community Ran Site - |TE| The Exiled Clan - <!> Pushbiscuit Clan - <!> Anubis' Site - {OZ} Land of OZ - +]-[+ Team Hybrid Clan - Carling from TRPG's Site - One of Plasmatic's Websites - Ghost's Xtreme Mod

Community & Clan Forums: - Annihilation Mod Official Forum
index.php - Brazil BR Server Forum - <!> Pushbiscuit Clan Forum - {OZ} Land of OZ Clan Forum - Tribal War Forum

Download Libraries: - Random Download Library - Random Download Library - Team Hybrid Clan Download Library - The Exiled Clan Download Library - Annihilation Official Website Downloads

Tutorials: ... =16&t=4095 - MODDING ... =16&t=4374 - MAPPING ... =16&t=4903 - ADDING A MASTER SERVER

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