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Pinging anyone
« on: May 26, 2018, 01:25:58 PM »
Hi yall!

As you can see on my profile i was here a long time ago when TROC was active and life was great. I recently heard a sound clip of SHAZBOT somewhere and it triggered a nostagia trip. As of today I still game but with a far more modern compliment of games. However, i was wondering if anyone still plays this and would be interested in getting a legacy match together for old times sake. Back in the day I was Co-Leader of Terror Syndicate along with TA2D (the only guy i can still remember) as well as 52Old, Masterdull (who i think was DD) and others who escape my mind. Either way I'd like to leave this here with some hope of someone reaching out for a game. You can contact me on twitter @TapHouseGaming or via email @ I'll keep my ski boots on and my spinfusor locked and loaded waiting for the call.


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