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« on: December 05, 2005, 04:21:37 AM »
There seems to be a lot of people that don't know or understand what HappyMod is.
Happymod comes with custom models for certain objects in tribes. These models make things more visible by increasing their perceived size. (they are still actually the same size/shape.. like the happyflag, you still can only catch/grab it by touching the bottom)
Happymod also comes with a .exe file which enables you to pretty much disable fog (this depends on your graphics card, the less fog the better card you'll require). Even if you disable fog 100% you cannot see people/flags/deployed objects until you come within the set range prescribed by tribes. This .exe file also allows you to see player indicators through hills and buildings. (but once there are too many walls between you and a player the indicator disappears).

HappyMod does not aim for you, it does not give any sort of help for aiming, it does nothing other than what was described above. It doesn't give you more health, it doesn't make you take less damage.
Many people are whining about happymod users. I want to distinguish between us and happymod abusers. We play with other happymod users, we play in servers with other people that use happymod. Abusers play on servers where less people play with happymod, usually to gain an unfair advantage over others. They openly lie about using happymod in order to appear more 'leet' and to be accepted by those around them. Many abusers also play on 'lasthope' because they could tell the common noob that you couldn't use happymod or anything like it on lasthope. They could that way prove their 'legitimacy' even though they were still using HappyMod and HappyMod like hacks. (because people would think it was impossible because they couldn't do it)
People have said that HappyMod helped kill tribes, but HappyMod has helped revive the game. It's people who won't let go of the past that are killing tribes, people who are trying to re-live the 'glory' days and using their 'vet' status to put off new players. It's the hypocrites using HappyMod and lying about it, it's the people playing on LastHope that claim everyone is legit when they are actually hacking that are killing it.
This mod was almost dead about 2 or 3 years ago. One of the changes was that HappyMod became openly available and people stopped lying about using it and openly admitted it. Some people had never used it before and began to use it. It wasn't used to gain an advantage over others because they were playing against other players that already used it. Playing with happymod has made the game a lot more fun for many of us and has extended the playing life of this game.
As gaming has evolved it has picked up many qualities that happymod uses. Tribes 2 made it so you could see the indicator and distance of the flag carriers. T:V made it so you could do the same and also made it so if your sensor was up you could see indicators all the time. T:V also had a custom setting which allowed people to determine how much fog they had on their screen. Granted there was a limit, people still had the ability to change their fog distance and people with poor video cards were limited to really, really, really poor visibility. Well T1 has these same abilities now.. its called HappyMod. Stop whining about it and adjust just as the gaming industry has already done.
Help keep Tribes 1 alive.
Accept change, accept HappyMod.

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