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Server Bitching.
« Reply #15 on: May 23, 2011, 08:44:34 PM »
You don't need to ask for admin, just use your SAD password. The captain admin password is the same for Anni 1.31 as it was in the Legendz server. This has been true since we first put the server up, and thus there has always been absolute continuity as far as ladder admin goes between servers. You have no legitimate complaints, only errant drama for the ways other people have extended themselves to make this ladder possible.

As for everything else: you want to quit because you lost your first match? Get some balls. Play harder. Have some pride. You couldn't figure out how to win on a map where we solo capped and solo chased? You should have laughed that off and never spoke of it again. It's not like we ever used that strategy again and yet we've always beaten you. But it's a game, losing should inspire you to beat us.

Hate us, play harder against us, try to beat us. Bring it. That's what ladders are for.

This topic is done, if you have any legitimate feedback (bug reports or otherwise) please post them in the stickied server thread.


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